Protecting Your Business

One of the very few certainties in business is that over time organisations seldom remain the same. They grow, they diversify, they look to new market places.   Key people come into the business and eventually leave it.   The drive for change brings rewards and also risks.

We believe that protection planning is at the heart of strong business growth.   The security of all the people who work hard to run and grow the business, as well as those who may be joining in years to come, depend on sound planning decisions made now.   Through our dedicated approach we can understand your needs, working closely with you to help you achieve your goals.

When considering the risks within your business it is worth asking...

  • What would be the financial impact if a director, partner or other key employee were lost to your business due to death, critical illness or accident?
  • What if illness or accident prevented a key person from returning to work for months or even longer?
  • If one of your fellow directors or partners dies or suffers a critical illness, would you be able to retain control and ownership of your business?
  • What would be the impact if a shareholder dies and their equity passes to their spouse?

Exploring these and many more 'what if' situations is vital for the security of your business and the wealth it provides.