Shareholder Protection

Share protection insurance provides funds to buy the company shares if a shareholder dies or becomes seriously ill.   It is intended for private limited companies where there may only be a small number of principal shareholders.   Generally, the major shareholders of such companies are also directors.

It is essential to cover your company against the loss of a shareholder and provide a financial safety net which will provide your business with both stability and security and ensures that your business will continue to prosper for many more years to come.

There are many dangers in losing a shareholder including:

  • The shares may go to the deceased's family or even an inexperienced or reckless relative.
  • The remaining shareholders may not have sufficient funds to purchase the lost shares.
  • The shares may even be bought or taken over by one of your competitors.

Shareholder Protection will provide your company with the necessary funds and agreements to ensure that your company continues to operate with minimum disruption to it's continuity and help to make sure that you remain in control.

The benefits of arranging protection are:

  • Ensures strong stability and continuity for your business.
  • Prevents the sale of your company shares to a reckless or hostile party.
  • Ensures that the critically ill or deceased shareholders dependants gain quick access to the funds.
  • Avoids using funds set aside for other purposes.
  • Enables the swift transfer of shares among the remaining shareholders at a fair price and tax efficiently.
  • Each shareholder can protect their individual shareholding in the company.